Well, we’re doing quite alright at the moment. As most you have read in a previous post we have a new sponsor, well, we want to call it something else; Those Who Care. Read about it here.
We have been keeping busy with a couple very important things;

–           vaccinations, yes we needed to get some shots..
–           visa’s, we’re going to be crossing some borders..
–           sponsors, oh yeah! We have a new sponsor (!), but more on that next week… Stay tuned!!
–           support van/car, checking out different cheap & low emission vehicles for the PR-crew..
–           flights, one thing is sure: we’re leaving. This year. In August.

One small detail we’ve been pondering about is how to get a manufacturer or shop to sponsor a bicycle for our rider. So if you read this, please tap into your network and help us out by sharing this post!! We will be forever grateful…

Everything has been going very fast the last couple of weeks, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of where we are and how everything is going. We’ve had a lot of support from friends and family, it’s always good to talk to them and to share in person about what’s been going on.

It gives us some time to breathe and realize that we are about to set off on an epic expedition which will change not only our lives, but also the lives of thousands of people in Central & South-America. This of course has been made possible by you, our faithful supporters. You make it happen.

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