How are we doing? What’s been happening the last couple of days?

First of all, we’re very proud that the Dutch franchise of Le Pain Quotidien is now a sponsor of  the 99%RIDE Foundation. Kind people who believe in what we stand for and are helping achive our goals.

Some more positive news came last week; we recieved the so-called ANBI-status, this means that the Dutch Tax Administration has declared our charity foundation to be an ‘institution for general benefit’. This has advantages for companies who would like to make a donation to charity. For details, click here.

Some of you have already seen it, 99%RIDE was asked to be part of a short video for the Dutch TV network BNN. Their show, TV Lab, has three concepts for a new television show. One of them is called ‘Crowdfunders’, a show about  crowdfunding which shows people what the possibilites are when using this tool. People can vote for the best concept. The one with the most votes will be turned into a new show and be aired on Dutch National television. Check out the video here and vote for the ‘Crowdfunders’!!

We are still looking for sponsors, especially one that can help us out with a bicycle!! Who has a bike (or can make one) that can withstand over 17,000 miles as well as crossing desserts, rain, snow and tropical storms? Wood or steel, aluminium or bamboo… As long as the bike can carry around 35kg of luggage, I will ride it from the North Pole to the South Pole, all for charity!! Please send an e-mail, we are eager to meet you and discuss the possibilities of working together!

For now, please keep supporting & following us, we’re very close to starting  this epic charity expedition!!


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