We’re almost there!!!

Last week we had an incredible week. It was filled with laughter, happiness and sometimes even tears… of joy that is!!
The last things were being arranged for the Fundraising Party, which really turned out to be a big success. Read about it here.
It still surprises us that there are so many people who reach out and want to help us in some way; sharing their time, money or knowledge with us. That’s what 99%RIDE is all about. Helping others, knowing that each little bit will contribute to something greater and eventually help people who are most in need.
If we look back a couple of weeks we couldn’t have imagined everything going so fast. In May our site went online, and now, only a few weeks later, we’re almost good to go.

We’ve already checked off some of the things we need:

– Funding to pay for visas
– Funding to cover most medical costs
– Funding for basic food & drink

There are still a couple more things we need in order to get this epic expedition started;

– Flight tickets
– A bicycle for our rider Dirk
– A car or van for our support crew; Wouter & Samantha
– Sponsors who can help us out with materials or financials

When these last things are all set up and organized we’ll be well on our way to Alaska to get this project rolling, literally that is! Help us out and get us on our way, we’re so close!!!
Remember, all the funds that are left at the end of this expedition will be directly donated to projects in Central & South-America that need it the most.
Please keep following us and spread the word. Together we’re going to make this happen!!!

Hugs & kisses, your 99%RIDE Team



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