Wow! We’ve been online and up and running for just a month now! We’ve had some real positive reactions and a lot of very generous people supporting our project & foundation.

To everybody that has supported us until now we say thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. You are an example for many people out there that haven’t realized yet that giving is something which makes you healthier, more socially connected and, believe it or not, wealthier!

  • We have been busy making the arrangements for the Fundraising Party this Sunday. The DJ’s have been booked; Maja-J & Watt Jr. will be taking care of the beats. There’s going to be a Disco Bingo presented by MickeyNice and a little mini-market! You can take your picture as Leontien van Moorsel (for the non-cycling fans; she’s a famous Dutch cyclist), and you can even get your hair cut for a bargain!
  • The auction will start at 18.00 hrs. and we can tell you we have some awesome things lined up for you!
  • Do you like sailing or have you always wanted to go sailing? Here’s your chance!! We’re auctioning a day of sailing with an instructor on a Bavaria 33 Cruiser ship!!!
  • Don’t have any plans for the summer? How about spending a week in Egmond aan Zee with 4 people? This vacation house has everything you need and is also very child-friendly. Just a 5 minute walk from the beach, too!!
  • Emilie has had her first week working for the 99%RIDE foundation. Next to her studies, she’s been busy working a part-time job at a hotel, babysitting and still finding time to help us out. It’s good to have you on the team, Emilie!
  • There have been some serious donations, both from individuals and from some companies. We can’t unveil them yet though, this will happen later this week!!

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