how are we doing #3

  • This past week we’ve been very busy looking and negotiating with new potential sponsors. We have some great news but we can’t share it with you just yet… follow us and stay tuned, the news will be out later this week…
  • Samantha sent out the invitations for our Fundraising Party which will be held on Sunday the 23rd of June. Will you be attending the party, let us know your coming!!
  • Again Anna Gerdien has provided us with a beautiful flyer for our Fundraising Party. Thank you, Anna Gerdien, where would we be without you…
  • We’ve been busy looking for extra services and/or products that we can use during our auction at the 99%RIDE Fundraising Party. If you can help us out we’d love to hear from you. Send an e-mail to: info@99percentride.org
  • We are very proud to announce a new member of 99%RIDE. We can’t reveal the person yet, check out our website regularly, the news will be out later this week! Our new team member will strengthen our team during the next couple of busy weeks, but most importantly, she (yes it’s a she!) will be taking care of all the communication for 99%RIDE in The Netherlands during the expedition!
  • Last week Wouter had an appointment with Michiel Roodenbrug from Cycle for Water. He cycled the Pan American highway three years ago and gave us some really good advice!! Thanks Michiel for taking the time to meet up!!
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