Week#2 How are we doing?

amsterdam week#2

  • Thursday we will sign our statutes at the notary and become an official foundation.
  • This week we will send all the paperwork to the KvK (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) to be registered as a foundation
  • This week we have a appointment with the location manager of our Crowdfunding Party. You can put June 23rd in your agenda.
  • A couple of people have already pledged to sell some of their products at our Crowdfunding Party. All of the earnings will go to the 99%RIDE Logistics Fund to help us get the project off the ground.
  • Steffi Jorna (see support page) is making a special painting especially for this occasion. We will post the painting on our Facebook page soon!
  • Carl Denig is officially our first sponsor. They are setting us up with various outdoor equipment and clothing that we will need for the expedition.
  • Next Friday we will pitch our project at the from 1%CLUB in Amsterdam. There will be a livestream starting at 17.00 hrs.
  • We are designing 99%RIDE t-shirts. Previews out soon…
  • It’s now possible to donate using iDEAL because of a collaboration with the Dutch crowd funding network 4just1.com
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