WEEK #96 How are we doing? The unknown animal…

There was a loud scream. He was going crazy and was now shouting “Go away!!!”.
The strange screeching sounds were still going on, left and right. Whatever it was, it was moving around the campsite, in particular around my neighbor’s tent.
The next morning there were several different suggestions at what the mystery animal could have been. A puma? A guanaco? A fox? Or was it a bird? There weren’t any footprints found… Another mysterious night in the nature parks of El Chaltén, Argentina.
It was a cold night, and the extra layer of clothing was definitely needed, as the temperature dropped below zero. It was still autumn though, yet the nights felt like it was the heart of winter. The leaves of all the trees, bushes and plants were changing colors, from yellow to orange and bright red. Again, I feel I’m privileged to be here around this time of year.
I had the same feeling about 19 months ago in Alaska and Canada, similar situation and similar views. Now I was at the other end of the world though. Patagonia was showing me all its beauty, the nature, the mountains, the glaciers, the huge granite coming from the earth and the peacefulness of it all. The small tourist towns are also quiet, you notice this when you go grocery shopping and the vegetables are almost walking away, that’s how rotten they get sometimes. There’s nobody here to buy them, fortunately, the store owner has a fresh load coming in.
During my rest stops from cycling I like to go hiking, and Patagonia offers a lot when it comes to trekking and hiking. It’s another way to rest my body and my mind. Also, you get to see some stunning things, too. From the bicycle I already get a good taste of nature, the towns, the people and overall culture, but when you’re hiking you find yourself in another world. Fellow hikers are relaxed, and they are there for the same reason, to rest the mind and enjoy the beauty of it all.

This (first?) expedition of 99%RIDE is almost coming to an end. Between Alaska and Patagonia a lot has happened. Too much to write about. Maybe when I am home I will start putting some things on paper (the last time I did that I landed in Alaska with a bicycle and tent…).
The foundation has raised awareness, funds and has delivered these to the projects we believe are doing good work for children in need of education. There are children benefitting from your donations as we speak, in almost every country in Central & South America. Have you visited our YouTube page to have a look at what your donation has done? Which impact it has had?
Though the future of 99%RIDE is still a bit uncertain, but it is still possible to make a donation. The proceeds will be going to a good cause helping children receive education. Please help us raise more funds and awareness, 99%RIDE is still on the road and will keep going to the end, wherever that may be…

From El Calafate, Argentina,

Dirk Spits

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