WEEK #90 HOW ARE WE DOING? a restless heart…

A restless heart, that’s the translation for “Corazon Inquieto”, the foundation I visited a few weeks ago in La Paz, Bolivia. An educational daycare centre in the busy market area of one of the highest cities in the world.
Resting between 3700 and 4100 meters it’s an incredible sight to see. Everywhere you look there are houses, shops, roads and more. The biggest difference I notice when cycling down, the higher you are the poorer people are. The lower you go the richer people are. In money terms that is, but that’s a completely different story.

I’m here to visit a foundation run by Ulla Wilms, a young Dutch girl living and working in La Paz. She came here a few years ago as a volunteer for Corazon Inquieto and didn’t want to stop after that. She took over the foundation and settled at high altitude.

The foundation is based in the heart of the busy market area, an area that’s not suitable for children. Yet there are many of them sleeping, playing and wandering around these dirty streets. Busy traffic, air contamination, alcohol and drug abuse are common here, and the children are the victims.
Hard working parents on the market, often from early in the morning to late at night, are unable to pay for the regular daycare and are forced to keep their children with them. This is where Corazon Inquieto comes in…

Their location is everything, right in the middle of the market area, easy “access” for the parents. Children between the ages of 2 to 12 years of age are welcome at Corazon Inquieto. In the morning the youngest children receive healthy food, personal attention, basic lessons in hygiene and they are able to play and interact with others in a safe environment. In the afternoon the older kids come in and have help with their homework, learn English (a previous donation made by 99%RIDE made this possible), and also receive a healthy snack.IMG_4838

The educational daycare center is helping children work on their social development, something they don’t learn on the streets between the market stalls. Also, the parents have a chance to focus on their work and they know their children are in good care. All that for a very low and reasonable price.

At the moment all is going well at Corazon Inquieto, except one thing; the rent of the space they are using is going up every year. It’s hard to keep paying these bills when the price is being raised. They are not in the position to change locations either, the foundation would be placed too far away from the market area making it too difficult for the parents to drop off their children.

99%RIDE has decided to donate a few months extra rent to Corazon Inquieto, but there is more help needed to keep this educational daycare centre open for the children. I am asking you to make a donation to 99%RIDE, and helping out Corazon Inquieto.
Your support is invaluable. Thank you for making a difference.

From La Rioja, Argentina,

Dirk Spits

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