WEEK #89 HOW ARE WE DOING? Just a few more kilometers…

And then? I’ll reach Ushuaia, Argentina. The end of the world. The most southern tip of South America. 30.000km in my legs. Tres America en bici, the three Americas by bicycle. 15 projects supported, reached out to thousands. Supporters in more than 15 countries.
Not yet. First a few other things. Santiago, Chile. Location for the next project, children in need, people doing good. Raise more funds and deliver them.
15th of March. 99%RIDE Amsterdam. Probably the biggest fundraising event organised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during this expedition. 99km or 198km, cyclists get to choose their challenge, raise funds and enjoy the ride.
Crossing borders.
Argentina into Chile, the other way around this time. Also at a pretty high altitude; 3900meters. A good kilometer lower than the first crossing, but still fairly high.
Climate. A lot of changes, as always actually, but this time in a shorter amount of time. Desert heat, mountain cold and winter freezes. All of this is ahead of me, and more.
Scenery. As with the weather, lots of changes here, too. Lakes, rivers, mountains and oceans. Even glaciers will cross my path.
So what then? A lot of people starting asking me this, more than usual since I’m “almost there”.
A few months ago I put this question beside me, not being able to answer, or think about it anyway. Now that the finish line is getting closer, I am almost forced to bring up the question and come up with some kind of answer. It’s not possible to do nothing before or when I’m back.Now, I do have certain plans, but want to keep them to myself for now. A tip of the iceberg; job hunting? A roof over my head? Bills to pay off? Love in my life? Yes, yes and yes. All in time, but time is getting shorter, as is the road to Ushuaia…

From Aimogasta, Argentina,

Dirk Spits

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