WEEK #87 HOW ARE WE DOING? Accidents happen, plans change…

Things never really go as planned. Never. Whatever you plan or want to do, it’s always going to change. This may be positive or negative, and whatever you do, you better be prepared to adapt to the situation.

IMG_5576Guest riders Lex & Elleke were planning to cycle with me for a period of three weeks. Things changed. Accidents happen. A tin can on an unpaved road, she hit it, fell, sprained her thumb and her knee was cut. Nothing too serious, but enough damage to change plans.
Elleke is a tough one though, an avid cyclist who wants to get back on the bicycle as soon as she can. The doctor said it would be impossible for the next couple of days. So what’s plan B?

We had already cycled from Cochabamba to Uyuni, quite the distance with more than enough adventure and experiences along the way (a special Guest Rider entry will follow soon). Now, in Uyuni, the guest riders had to change plans. Luckily it was in Uyuni, enough options to head into Chile and meet up later.
The plan: Lex and Elleke would take a three-day tour by jeep from Uyuni down to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. I would cycle another route down to the same destination, though in four days, and meet up with them there.IMG_5574

A good alternative to see and do a lot of Bolivia, not all by bicycle, but still enough to experience and enjoy their holiday.

This time things went as planned, they took an incredible tour and I cycled from Uyuni to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile in four days. On the second day of their tour we even “bumped” into each other on a deserted road, a short and happy talk followed before we parted ways, seeing each other three days later at the edge of the famous Atacama Desert. There we would enjoy good food, drinks, laughter and exchange what we had seen along the way. Good, memorable times…
Today Lex & Elleke left San Pedro to finish their journey. They will cycle to Calama, from there they head to the coastal city Antofagasta where they will take a bus to Santiago where an airplane is waiting to take them back to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I believe they had an incredible couple of weeks. For two people tour cycling for the first time in their life they did an incredible job. A fairly fast pace, wild camping, hail, rain, cold and heat, they took it all in and kept on going.
Personally I will really miss them, I still have about 4500km to go and it will be lonely on the bicycle, during camping and round the campfire.

Guys, you are really awesome, I am proud and honoured to have been with you the past three weeks and I will hope to see you in May when I’m back in Amsterdam. Well, at least that’s the “plan”…

From San Pedro de Atacama,

Dirk Spits

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4 Thoughts on “WEEK #87 HOW ARE WE DOING? Accidents happen, plans change…

  1. Martijn Sargentini on February 14, 2015 at 12:17 PM said:

    geweldig verslag weer, prachtig om iedere keer te lezen!

    • Dirk Spits on February 21, 2015 at 4:12 PM said:

      Dank je, Martijn. Het was echt geweldig om met Lex en Elleke te fietsen, ik mis ze ook enorm, evenals de hele ploeg van HBH, dinsdagavond etc.
      Tot in Mei!

      Groet, Dirk

  2. Janneke de Kaste on February 17, 2015 at 8:12 PM said:

    Hey Dirk,

    San Pedro de Atacama, daar heb ik een aantal jaar geleden ook gezeten.
    Mooiste sterrenhemels ever!!! Sandboarden in de woestijn…Ben je nog bij valle de la Luna geweest? Begin net weer even te lezen hoe het met je gaat en wat je weer hebt meegemaakt en aan goede doelen hebt kunnen steunen. Wellicht dus een overbodige vraag zo meteen….
    Ik ga snel verder lezen! Liefs van ons Fam de Kaste

    • Dirk Spits on February 21, 2015 at 4:18 PM said:

      Hola Janneke!

      Dank je, het was een grappig stadje. Helaas niet in Valle de la Luna geweest, wel “even” voorbij gefietst. Snel verder gegaan ivm de hoge prijzen in San Pedro, en Chile trouwens ook. Argentina is een stuk goedkoper (momenteel).
      Alles goed verder in NL? Ik heb morgen/overmorgen een nieuwe video voor het projectbezoek uit La Paz, Bolivia!! Nu snel door naar Santiago, Chile voor de volgende :-)

      Liefs, Dik

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