WEEK #78 HOW ARE WE DOING? What’s your weight..?!?

Today was the first time I stood on a scale to weigh myself since I was in the U.S.A.

When I left Amsterdam on the 1st of September 2013, I remember weighing 88 kg (194 lbs.). When I started cycling this quickly changed. Within a month I dropped down to 78 kg (172 lbs.). That’s what you get when you’re pushing a fully-loaded tour bike 5 to 6 days a week, 6 hours a day. Today exactly 15 months, too. What do I weigh now..?

10422258_10152962766718885_9029171714207834625_nSince I left a lot has changed. Not indefinitely, though. Right now it’s just things like eating and drinking, the patience I have with certain things, my physical strength, mental strength and my willpower. There are things I didn’t know I could do, or just doubted a bit. Now it’s different. I’ve always loved a challenge when presented to me, now I’m actually always seeking the next one. What will it be? The higher mountain? The hotter desert? The longer distance?

99%RIDE has taught me a lot since I initially put my ideas on paper. Now, 15 months after starting this cycling expedition, one thing remains the same; my motivation. Being able to go from A to B, visiting children and projects in need and helping them where necessary. Leaving with a feeling of complete happiness and fulfilment, giving me new energy for the next challenge ahead. All this and the fact that I can share it with the people I’ve met along the way gives me quiet the energy boost.

There’s always a “but” in every story. What’s mine? Leaving family & friends behind, missing birthdays, Christmas, endless laughter at dinner tables, and so forth. Of course there are many things you don’t always think about, there’s enough distraction around me. “But” when you’re all alone at night you have enough moments that you think about, and really, truly miss. This is the sacrifice of 99%RIDE. I’ver written about this before, why do it again? I’ll keep it short.10494766_10152962768418885_6631589973104274776_n

Well, at the moment I’m going through a little rough patch. I’m missing my brother and my mother’s birthday and Christmas with the family for the second year in a row. For me, these are moments I really look forward to, and not being there doesn’t feel right.
Also, difficult roads are ahead of me, an actual deadline, too. My body is feels tired this week and I don’t know if I have taken enough rest (rest= 1 day not cycling) to make it in the “planned” way I want to. The next few days will tell me how things are going and feeling.
“But” good things are going to happen, positive distraction. The project I’m visiting and supporting in Cusco, Peru is a very special one. It’s something to really look forward to and to put my focus on. Let’s see if it’s enough to get me over the Andes Mountains again… One thing is certain, my weight of just 73 kg (162 lbs.) is going to help.

For now, I’m taking my rest before heading into the Andes tomorrow. Please keep supporting 99%RIDE and follow this adventure to the end of the world. I’ll do 99% of the work, I just need your 1% to make it complete… 

From Nazca, Peru,

Dirk Spits

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7 Thoughts on “WEEK #78 HOW ARE WE DOING? What’s your weight..?!?

  1. Dude, i’ve also been 88Kg like forever, but too many bday parties, sinterklaas dinners and not beating your Brother running quickly turned me 95kg the last time I checked, without to many real adventures, now tháts fucked up;)

    Keep going man, Cusco is awesome, you are awesome.


    • Niels! Dude, thanks for your message and support. I’ve seen you do a Lemon Juice diet twice (correct?) and it helped you out pretty quick. Got one planned for January after the holidays?
      Keep following and supporting, you rock man!!
      Cheers, Dirk

    • Dirk,

      Mooi stuk geschreven man! Volgend jaar gaan we met z’n allen groot feest vieren met alle b’days, dus dat zit wel goed.

      Eerst even de Andes gebergte over, dan zien we verder. Paso por paso, y como tranquilo, laat je niet opjagen, komt allemaal goed. Je bent (zoals Visker ook al zei), awesome bezig!

      Was goed je even gezien en gesproken te hebben op mijn b’day, cheers daarvoor! Was mooi (zoals ik al zei, next year drink je dus gewoon bier met ons mee 😉 )

      Keep it real Dirk, en success!

      ..en Visker, regel voor jezelf de lemonjuice cure & start running :)

      Peace & love yo!

      Big brother D. (86kg…)

  2. You are a great inspiration Dirk (as well as you’re team) !

    greetings from Arnhem-Holland


    ps: I saw the movie of the sunrise in a canyon near Huaraz, brought back some memories of 2005.

    I would like to say…Keep on pedalling and helping others. Like a (Holy) Pope on a bike 😉

  3. Robien on January 17, 2015 at 7:01 PM said:

    Aaaah lieve Dirk nu ben je allang weer over dit dipje heen, maar ik snap het zo goed. Maarja, iemand moet ons allemaal inspireren en de afgelopen tijd ben jij dat!!! Dus hou vol…
    Die onderste foto trouwens…. BIZAR MOOI!!!!!!
    Dikke knuffel en kus

    • Dirk Spits on January 18, 2015 at 11:36 PM said:

      Robien! Wat een lief berichtje krijg ik opeens van jou! Maak je mij helemaal blij mee, dikke, vette glimlach op mijn gezicht!
      Over 3,5 maand ben ik alweer in Amsterdam, gaan we snel een borrel drinken, gezellig bijkletsen!!
      Dikke kus en liefs,

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