WEEK #71 HOW ARE WE DOING? Donation for Villa Ticca

It’s been about a week now. Quito, Ecuador is still lingering in my mind. The children with their innocent smiles and humor, the volunteers and teachers with their positive attitude. It was a a visit never to forget, hopefully one will follow in the near future… You never know 😉


99%RIDE is about sharing. What we do is bring you in contact with the people behind a project, we show you who the children are and how your donation is benefiting them. So, let’s meet the children of Villa Ticca, and find out how your contribution is helping them…

99%RIDE and Villa Ticca would like to thank you for your donation. Would you like to donate again? You can do that here.

At the moment I am cycling to the next project, which I will tell you about very soon, stay tuned and find out what it is exactly…

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From Manta, Ecuador,

Dirk Spits

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