WEEK #70 HOW ARE WE DOING? Lasting impressions from Villa Ticca

Villa Ticca is a good example of a project making a real difference, of course all projects I have visited do that, but Villa Ticca was different for me personally. A day care in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Quito, Ecuador, the stories about the children and their family situation I heard from the teachers and volunteers are shocking. From incest to alcoholic fathers and beatings, it’s all there. Without a foundation like Villa Ticca I don’t dare think what the destiny of these children would be.

When I entered Villa Ticca I got a warm feeling of coming home. It’s a place of love, care and learning. There is personal attention, time to play, education, medical care when necessary, healthy nutrition and above all, a feeling of safety and security.

IMGP8782During my visit I had the honour and pleasure of meeting co-founder Evelien Kremer. A Dutch woman who, 12 years ago, changed her life, from working at a bank to quitting her job and setting up Villa Ticca, she is a true inspiration to talk with. The sparkle in her eyes when talking about the start of the foundation reveals her emotional side. It’s enjoyable to listen to her story, one that grasps and inspires me.

The foundation is her baby, her job, her passion and her life. And it shows. Her positive energy is passed on to the teachers and volunteers. All of them have a similar drive to do their best for the children. It feels like they put their own life in second place, something I don’t see often, and it still amazes me. There are truly remarkable people at work here. They have touched me in an emotional way, something that I haven’t experienced in a while.

Villa Ticca has made my short stay in Quito unforgettable. If I was to choose, I would have stayed longer, much longer. Yet I have made a choice in life, too. I quit my job, set up a foundation, which has changed my life, and am now in the position to meet passionate people devoted to helping others. I don’t know what to say, there are tears of joy in my eyes while typing this. Evelien Kremer and everybody at Villa Ticca have showed me what true passion really is.IMGP8699

Today I cycled out of Quito, having time to look and think back about everything I’ve seen and heard. There is new energy running through my veins. I am looking forward to meeting new people, people like Evelien Kremer and her team at Villa Ticca. They are making a difference, a change. They are an example to others. They are an inspiration for me.

From Latacunga, Ecuador,

Dirk Spits

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