WEEK #68 HOW ARE WE DOING? Donation made in Armenia, Colombia!!!

This past week 99%RIDE made a donation to “La Oportunidad”, a foundation in Armenia, Colombia. Its goal is to help children in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Armenia, Barrio La Mariela. Through La Oportunidad the children receive extra personal care, education and help where it’s needed. This could be after school homework classes, a field trip with the group (at the moment there are about 30 children under the “guard” of the foundation in this neighbourhood), or just to talk about personal problems.

IMG_980199%RIDE visited the foundation for a few days, went on a field trip with the kids and spoke with the families of the children. It’s not always what you want to see, but it’s important to know where the children come from, what their background is and how this can play a role in their further development. La Oportunidad is making sure all of this is happening. Social workers and volunteers help out to keep this inspiring foundation running.
The impact on not only the children, but also on the families and the community has been great. There is movement and a certain wind of change blowing through the 
neighbourhood, which has a record for violence, drugs and alcohol abuse. This is now changing gradually, thanks to La Oportunidad.

The foundation has their hands on a small house at the end of one of the streets. It’s been turned into a place where the children come to after school. They make their homework, follow extra classes and receive counseling if necessary. The “casa” is successful and now needs to expand. For this to happen La Oportunidad is looking to receive extra donations.
99%RIDE is donating €1000,- to help La Oportunidad get started with the expansion.
Watch this short video, meet the children and see where your donation is going.

Do you like what you see and would you like to help La Oportunidad to expand? Make a donation and let’s make a difference!

Thanks to all our supporters La Oportunidad is closer to expanding their “casa”, making it possible for even more children to receive extra education and have the chance to break out the cycle of poverty.

From Pasto, Colombia,

Dirk Spits

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