WEEK #57 How are we doing? More great news for Ninos de Guatemala

Leaving Antigua and heading for El Salvador gave me a few mixed feelings. I felt really at home in Antigua, yet the thought of leaving kept on popping up in my mind, as I am used to only staying in one place for only a day, sometimes two before moving on again. Also, I am still on the 99%RIDE expedition and it’s only just started! What I had in my mind about 1,5 years ago is now finally coming true. I am able to realise a part of my dream…
The feeling of helping out a project like Niños de Guatemala really gave me a positive boost. Everything 99%RIDE stands for and has worked for all came together and worked out. We were able to show you, the supporter, where your donation is going, to who it’s going and how it’s actually being used.

Well, we have some good news for you. And some good news for Niños de Guatemala, too… Are you ready?

10487549_871191892908496_4832992345702531841_n99%RIDE is making an extra donation of €3000,- to Niños the Guatemala on top of the one we’ve already made. The donation will be used to provide educational materials for the summer school NDG organises for all 336 students, a new ceiling in the library at the Nuestro Futuro school will be built (the current one needs to be replaced, the ventilation and heat make it unbearable for students and teachers to work in), and the new library at the El Povenir school will be receiving all the books they need for the students and the people living in the neighbourhood around the school.
These are all very important, efficient projects within NDG and we’re very happy that they will now be realised!

The donation has been made possible by collaboration between 99%RIDE and a foundation based in The Netherlands called the Deka Development Foundation (DDF). The DDF is a foundation that aims to support social, economical and medical development projects. The projects are first assessed and a board grants the subsidies.
In the past, DDF has supported financial aid to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and projects like ChildsLife.
99%RIDE is very proud to have the Deka Development Foundation on its side and to have made this generous donation to Niños de Guatemala possible.

As I am no longer in Antigua, Guatemala I am unable to shoot new footage at the Niños the Guatemala schools. However, NDG will be providing us photos, videos and more to keep you, our supporters, and us up-to-date with the latest events concerning the donations that have been made.

IMG_5830So what’s next? At the moment I am in El Salvador. The first days on the road have been pretty hard. Leaving Antigua, which has a very constant temperature of around 24ºC and cycling into El Salvador, which is about 39ºC, was tough on the body. Getting enough fluids in isn’t the problem; it’s getting enough carbs in that’s important. With such warm temperatures and humidity I just don’t feel like eating that much, yet it is very important when being on the road for 100 km+ per day.
Now, four days on the road, the body is 
acclimatised and ready to go long distances in extreme temperatures.

There’s one important stop to make in El Salvador before I head into Honduras…

From Usulután, El Salvador,

Dirk Spits

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