The Foundation


Our goal is to maximize awareness of the plight of millions of children in third world countries and to fight this in a positive way. We raise funds for small-scale projects concerning children & education.

We try to reach our goal by undertaking cycling expeditions in different parts of the world. In between our start and finish location we raise funds, create awareness, contact press and use social media channels to create a network of people with the same vision.

We believe that even with the smallest contributions, immediate results can be seen.

The 99%RIDE Foundation is officially established on May 30th, 2013 by Dirk Jan Spits, Samantha Sharon Soekhoe and Wouter Petrus van Eenbergen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


99%RIDE has teamed up with 1%Club; the global crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform that mobilizes modern day society to realize smart ideas from people in developing countries. If we all share a little, we can change the world.

By working together, thousands of people can be reached who can make a small or large contribution by sharing only 1% of their knowledge, time or money.

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