The Team

The Initiator & Rider

Dirk Spits

Dirk quit his job, left his apartment and sold all his belongings to start 99%RIDE. He has travelled extensively and has lived abroad for part of his life. He has always had a passion for new cultures, food, sports, music, people and more.
99%RIDE combines most of those, yet he is mainly focussed on helping others and creating awareness for his mission. Dirk thrives on physical challenges, this will be the toughest one yet.
Creating and undertaking 99%RIDE is a dream come true for him. Want to know more? Contact him here

The Media Crew

The media crew consists of Wouter and Samantha. In Canada, the USA and Mexico they will drive ahead of Dirk, albeit by car, to maximize awareness and make sure there is enough media coverage and fundraising along the way.
After Mexico they will both return to Amsterdam, The Netherlands and continue to raise awareness and raise funds for 99%RIDE.

Wouter van Eenbergen

After hearing about Dirks plans and the foundation, he couldn’t get 99%RIDE out of his head. Wouter knows that the ride needs the right support and guidance, to maximize exposure. This will result in donations for the projects and – also very important – positive press coverage for the sponsors. Dirk and Wouter have known each other over seven years now, and have previously fruitfully worked together abroad.

Samantha Soekhoe

Samantha is the chairman for the Corazon Inquieto Foundation in Bolivia. She has spent eight months in La Paz in 2011 and worked there as a full-time volunteer for several projects.



 John Eussen


John Eussen has been a long time friend of rider Dirk and is also a cycling enthousiast. He has more than 13 years of experience as a financial specialist in the public-sector and non-profit organisations.
John knows what is necessary to keep the financials of 99%RIDE on the right track, keeping things clear and transparent for the foundation, but also for all the donors, sponsors and other supporters of 99%RIDE.
Find out more about John and his services here (Dutch website).


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