One year on the road. A personal note.

On the 1st of September I landed in Anchorage, Alaska. A few days later I was at the top of the world. Literally. Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Unloading the bicycle from the van and loading up the gear, I was thinking to myself, what have I gotten myself into? Is this actually happening? Will it work?

IMG_0910Now, the 1st of September 2014, I am in Panama. 17,000 kilometers down the road, a very long way to go. A red, lengthy beard is my timeline, reminding me what I am doing. Yet I don’t realise it. I speak to people almost daily, when someone asks me where I’m from and how long I’ve been traveling I tell my story. It’s a pitch that comes out so fluently now it’s almost a reflex. The response is always overwhelming. Pupils expand, jaws drop and a big “WHAT?!” comes out of peoples mouths. I’m used to it. It’s been my way of life the past year, and it feels good. Not always easy, but just right. 99%RIDE came from my heart and soul, and it’s being realised.

The fact that cycling and wandering is now a way of life is pretty strange. Some people question me on my next step. “What will you do afterwards?” Good question. One I haven’t answered yet, and I don’t know how to, at least not now. There’s too much going on, too many other things to focus on. One thing is certain though, if or when I go back to Amsterdam, my hometown, it will be fairly difficult to acclimatise to the “normal” life again. In Dutch I call it “doorstarten”. This means, literally translated, to “restart” or to “reset”. Like an old Windows computer this can take some time, and I’m hoping I’ll be quicker with getting my life together again once the reboot is finished.IMG_9166

For now, I’m OK being on the road, wandering over unknown paths, never knowing what’s coming next, where I’ll eat or sleep, who I’ll meet and what will happen. People say it’s like living “out of the box”. You know, I think there is no box, just life. Go outside and live it, in whichever way you want to. Remember one thing though; share. It’s not so hard, and helping others is the most rewarding thing you can do.

Feeling very blessed and happy, from Panama,

Dirk Spits

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