Fundraising Party big success!

Last Sunday we had our Fundraising Party at Cafe Restaurant Polder in Amsterdam.

We really didn’t know what to expect. Will the sun be out? Are enough people going to show up? Is there enough entertainment? And of course; how many donations will be made to the 99%RIDE Foundation?

And then something happened that we didn’t expect… Around 100-120 very generous people showed up to support us! Friends and family from around the country came to join us. The sun was out, music was playing, kids were laughing and beer was flowing!

A very special thanks goes out to all the people who provided the entertainment and helped us throughout the course of the day.

People were having their picture taken on the racebike, childrens’ faces were getting painted into butterflies and princesses. Delicious sandwiches were being eaten, clothes were being bought at the mini-market.

The Disco Bingo provided for the necessary atmosphere which eventually helped the auction to become the biggest succes of the day! People were bidding against each other like there was no tomorrow. The Amsterdam Cycling Team HBH was responsible for a huge build-up bidding up to just over €1000,- for a 3 hour canal cruise through Amsterdam.

Apparently all the people who were present made sure the bartenders were kept busy. We don’t exactly know how much beer was poured, but it’s a lot!!!

At the end of the evening when all the donations were gathered we ended up with a whopping €4720,-!!! This is almost enough to get us on our way and head for Alaska in the coming weeks. We are nearly there, keep spreading the word!!

Will your donation be the one that will get us started with this epic expedition?

We hope that everbody that was with us enjoys their prizes, we owe it all to you and are forever grateful for your kind gestures.

Big hugs and kisses from the 99%RIDE Foundation.


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