What is 99%RIDE?

99%RIDE is an organization founded to maximize awareness of the plight of millions of people in Central and South-America and to fight this in a positive way. The ride wants to broadcast that even with the smallest contributions, immediate results can be seen.

How can you support?

You can support and contribute in 3 different ways:

  1. You help 99%RIDE. This money goes towards keeping this life-changing trip moving on! The fund includes costs relating to visas, transport and emergency services as well as basic daily expenses ($6 per person per day = $18 in total per day) . Any unspent donations will be donated to the 1%Club at the conclusion of the journey. We will ensure the money is distributed to projects in Central & South America that are in need the most. Any questions regarding these details can be directed to info@99percentride.org. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours.
  2. You donate to a project. This donation goes directly to the project. The project owners will keep you updated through blogs and videos. This way, you know exactly where your donation is going to and how it is being used.
  3. Learn more about 1%Club. There are a lot of different projects connected to 1%CLUB. If you want to learn more about the projects and how 1%Club works, please visit their website and get started!

I don’t have a PayPal account, can I still make a donation?

Yes, you can. Even without a PayPal account you can make a donation. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. You can also make an instant transfer from your bank account. You can find our international bank information here.

What is 1%CLUB?

The 1%Club is the online market place for small-scale development projects, where individuals and businesses can directly offer 1% of their time, knowledge and income to a project of their choice. At the 1%Club you decide yourself to which project you want to give 1% of your time, knowledge or money. It’s all very direct, engaging and transparent.

Why 1%?

The 1%Club has chosen for a directive of 1% because it is such a small part that it hardly influences your own life and spending patterns, but for people in developing countries it can make a world of difference. Every day people die from hunger, illness and dangerous living circumstances. In one word, due to poverty. There are many ways to structurally improve the living circumstances of people with your 1%. So the 1% has been chosen as a ‘gimmick: you won’t miss this 1%.

What happens with my 1%?

You determine that yourself. On the 1%Club website you choose the development projects that according to you contribute most to the fight against poverty. Your 1% directly goes to the project you have chosen. Every project has its own page with information about the project, a weblog, photos and videos so that you can keep exact track of what is happening with your 1%.

How do I follow 99%RIDE?

You can follow and connect with us through the following social media channels:

To check out our latest news, just go to our homepage.

Can I cycle along with 99%RIDE?

We love to have people riding with us! You can follow us through Tripline, or you can send us an e-mail to ask us where we are. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.


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