Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the expedition, a lot of them have to do with the physical part, the cycling. I thought it would be nice to post some numbers to show you what the statistics are. Maybe nice to compare it to your normal day life, or maybe not…
Here we go. I started cycling on the 7th of September 2013. Today is October the 14th. The Facts & Stats:

Total kilometers till now:                                          2,733 km / 1,723 miles
Total altitude / elevation gain:                                37,814 meters / 124,061 feet
Average rides / week:                                                 6 rides
Average distance / week:                                          552km / 343 miles
Average time on bike / week:                                   26 hours and 29 minutes
Calories I burn per day:                                              4,000-6,000 calories
My weight when I started cycling:                          87kg / 192 lb.
My weight at the moment:                                       78kg / 172 lb.
Weight luggage on bike (panniers):                        30kg / 66 lb.
Weight of the bicycle:                                                 16kg / 35 lb.
Amount of muesli/granola bars per day:               10 to 12
Grams of pasta I eat per day:                                   500gr / 1.15 oz. or more
Liters of water I drink per day:                                 5 to 6 liters / 1 to 1,5 gal.
Fruits eaten daily:                                                        at least 2 pieces. Apple/kiwi
Flat tires, punctures:                                                   0 (zero) Lucky?
Crashes with bike:                                                       0 (zero) well handled 😉
Days of snow:                                                                5
Days of rain:                                                                  5
Days with a warm shower:                                        10
Days off (no cycling):                                                   6
Amount of campfires built:                                        14
Kilograms  / lb (US) of marshmallows:                    2 / 4,4 lb.

So that should be about it. It sometimes happens that I eat or drink less than stated above, this depends on the weather conditions, the distance I ride on a certain day and how long I ride.

Would you like to see anything else added to the list? Let me know and I’ll start keeping track. I hope to get a new Facts & Stats up once every 31 days of cycling.

Happy cycling,

Dirk Spits





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4 Thoughts on “FACTS & STATS

  1. How many beers…

  2. You kniw, I am a finace dude.. I want to see funds raised to date, average spent per day, etcetera.. :-)

    • Give us a moment to sort it ou, I can tell you that we’ve been living off less than $8 per day per person.
      the rest will follow soon, John 😉

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