Which projects do we support?

We only support & visit projects we know are operating in a transparent way and have smart ideas for children in need of help.

From the beginning we set ourself a goal of 4 main projects. Recently we have expressed our ambition to do more.  We would like to visit & support a child in every country Dirk will cross from now on.

That means that our foundation wants to help & support 12  projects in 12 different countries4 main projects and 8 extra projects.

4 main projects

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Guatemala Colombia
header-7Niños de Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala
straatkinderenSoccer school
Medellin, Colombia
Bolivia Nicaragua
Corazon Inquieto

La Paz, Bolivia
Atelier Favela

Managua, Nicaragua

8 extra projects

Our Foundation wants to support small development projects who have smart ideas for helping less fortunate kids in every country Dirk will cross.

At this time we are able to publish 1 project that we definitely want to visit and support. Our team is working hard on 6 other projects in Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chili and Argentina that can fulfill our requirements. If you have any suggestions for our team, don’t hesitate to contacts us:

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Mexico Peru Costa-Rica Honduras
vientos 833183226822_1038523844_n
Vientos Culturales A.C.
Tuxtla, Mexico

Costa Rica

Ecuador Chile Argentina Panama
 Ecuador  Chili  Argentina  Panama


Partner & Support

99%RIDE has teamed up with 1%Club; the global crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform that mobilizes modern day society to realize smart ideas from people in developing countries. If we all share a little, we can change the world. Along the way, we will visit and support several projects linked to 1%Club. Each month we will be posting a new project, our ‘Project of the Month’. If you want to support these or other projects, check out the 1%Club website & video for more details and information.


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