99%RIDE visits El Salvador, and donates!!!

El Cuco, El Salvador. The school is almost hidden from the rest of the town. From the hotels and restaurants, the big resorts. Only locals pass it.
99%RIDE wanted to help out a local school and went to take a closer look.
4 classrooms. 141 students. In the morning the younger kids have class, in the afternoon the older ones. They can stand the heat a bit more. There aren’t any cooling systems or ventilators in the rooms. There’s just no funding for it.
The school is painted white and Bandera Blue, the beautiful azul of the flag of El Salvador. A proud color. Except the paint is peeling, making the building look shabby. Again, there’s no funding for new paint.
The floors are dirty. Very dirty. Children shouldn’t be walking and playing around here. But there are no cleaning products. Why not? No funding.

091120-F-6136T-011The Caserio el Esterón elementary school in El Cuco has just enough money to come by, they can afford school supplies and the salaries of the teachers. That’s it. I was happy enough to hear that the current government in El Salvador is funding the mandatory uniforms the children wear. Otherwise that would be an extra problem. People around here don’t have much to begin with.

There’s something about children in Central America that gets to me. Their energy, their love and happiness. It’s abundant. Even though they have almost nothing, they’re still happy. They deserve more. A nice school, a playground and a descent education. Like every child does…

When I visited Caserio el Esterón I spoke to the teachers and the principal and asked them what they needed and why. The things they named are all basic necessities, yet they can’t afford them. That’s where 99%RIDE steps in.

With the help of the owner of local hostel La Tortuga Verde, I went to the nearest city, San Miguel, and went shopping. Within no time the list I had made was in the shopping cart, ready to deliver to the school.
The next morning I headed over to the school to deliver the products. They had no idea I was coming by and were extatic that someone was 
actually helping them! Apparently, this was the first time anybody has ever made some sort of donation to the school. I encourage everybody who visits El Cuco, El Salvador to go by the school and to see what you can do. It’s really worth it!

99%RIDE donated 3 new ventilators, 5 gallons of paint, 2 gallons of anti-corrosive paint, cleaning products like brooms and mops. To us these things are normal. For them it was like Christmas came early. I love how small donations van have such an impact on people…

The ventilators will be installed by a carpenter working at the hostel, he passes the school every day after work and is glad to help out. The teachers and principal will be painting and cleaning the building, ensuring the students have a descent place to be educated in. Of course the classrooms are now cooled by ventilators…

It really is in the little things. I admire everybody that has made a donation to 99%RIDE. Please keep sharing, following and supporting us. Any extra donations are always welcome, there are enough projects well be visiting the next couple of months!
It’s because of you the lives of children are being changed, little by little.

Thank you.

From León, Nicaragua,

Dirk Spits

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